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Universal Fixer

The most-powerful, best PC optimizer comes with 5-in-1 utility pack to help you get rid of issues slowing down your computer to ensure it runs smooth at all times. PC Optimizer Pro is the best PC booster utility to ensure you get a high performance PC. Thelimited demo includes the best PC optimizer for freeto help you understand how it works and how effective it can be for you to extend the life of your computer.

File Shredder

Best PC Optimizer Pro is free to try and will help you learn how you can use it to secure erase sensitive files, and the data you no longer need, with a built-in File Shredder that is powered by military-grade multiple disk over-right technology that securely erases the data, making sure it can never by recovered by any existing technology.

Manage Startup

Having unwanted programs at startup, which means having programs ready to autorun when you turn on Windows, can reduce the speed and performance of PC, slowing it down and causing frequent hangs, crashes, and BSODs. However, finding startup programs can be tough for some. That's where best PC optimizer free version can help you out in detecting unwanted startup programs.

System Info

Best PC optimizer free limited-demo version also provides you a single spot to manage all your important system configurations and settings. Having easy access to all important settings with our free PC booster,which includes the best free PC optimizer, helps you get a high performance PC.

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  • Do you frequently witness slow Windows Startup?
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When you purchase a new computer, it runs smooth and error-free. However, over a period of time, as you keep on installing and uninstalling programs, the performance of your PC tends to go down in the dumps. Over time, you start experiencing unresponsive windows, slow startup, error messages, hangs, freezes, crashes, etc. It is a usual thing. And that's where the best free PC optimizer comes handy with its built-in PC booster that helps you remove unwanted startup programs, registry clutters, uninstallation logs and leftover files, etc. to provide you a high performance PC. We are so confident about the effectiveness of our PC booster utility that we are offering the best PC optimizer as a free limited-demo version that you can install and scan your computer to find the issues plaguing the speed and performance of your PC. So why wait, try the best PC optimizer for free, today!