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Welcome to our Affiliate Program

You Get 75% (US$ 22.45 approx.) Of Each Sale!

PC Optimizer Pro is the easiest way to generate revenue from your existing or new website visitors. PC Optimizer Pro is award winning software which makes is very easy to sell.

As an affiliate you receive great Benefits:

1. Earn 75% commission/share for every copy of PC Optimizer Pro you sell.
2. Trial versions of our software are available for your customers so they can try before they buy.
3. Clickbank tracks your potential sales for up to 45 days using a cookies. This means you always get paid for products you sell.
4. PC Optimizer Pro has one of the highest Trial-To-Sale conversion rates.
5. We provide banners that you can place on your website to help you promote PC Optimizer Pro.
6.  Dedicated landing page that helps you promote the product to its maximum http://www.pcoptimizerpro.com/landing
7. You can see your sales in real-time by logging into your secure control panel provided by www.clickbank.com
8.  PC Optimizer Pro takes care of all customer service, post sales support and tracking of sales so you can concentrate on selling.
9. Simple affiliate application process, so you can start earning commission fast. Signup Now!
10. There is no financial outlay required by you to sign up for our program.

You have absolutely nothing to loose. Affiliate with PC Optimizer Pro today and join a successful team of Affiliates making 75% on every sale of PC Optimizer Pro.

You Get 75% (US$ 22.45 approx.) Of Each Sale!

Click here To Join Our Affiliate Program

Who pays me?
Clickbank, an independent company, handles the sales processing and payment to affiliates. They are the leader in digital information affiliation and credit card processing. To join our affiliate program you need to sign up with Clickbank (which is free to do). Click here to sign-up now.

Once you are sign up with Clickbank, use the format given below to link to us:


Simply replace the XXXXX with the alias you select when you sign up to Clickbank.

For Example:

If your Clickbank alias is GETCASH, your affiliate link would be like this:


When do I get paid?
Clickbank sends out checks twice a month. You can also log in and view real time stats.

*NEW* Conversion Tracking
Send your PPC conversion tracking code (or any other tracking code that you use) to affiliates@pcoptimizerpro.com and we will have it installed for you within 24 hours!

Our Affiliates and Advertisers can use any of the graphics material given below to advertise PC Optimizer Pro software. If any kind of graphics material is required, kindly send your request to affiliates@pcoptimizerpro.com with your plans about promoting this software. Thank You!

Text Link

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