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    License Key
The regular price for the software is USD 49.99 . With in this regular price, you will enjoy all the benefits of a regular purchase.
The various methods to order PC Optimizer Pro are:
Payment through Credit Card.
Payment through your Paypal Account.
Yes, your credit card information remains fully secure. We use 128-Bit Encryption that ensures that your data will be safe.
A PC Optimizer Pro license enables you to use all the features of the program and along with this you also get the following benefits:
Lifetime Free Program Updates
24x7 Free Customer Support
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    The unregistered version of PC Optimizer Pro is designed to scan your computer thoroughly and detect critical issues in your system. It will allow you to fairly evaluate whether or not you believe PC Optimizer Pro would be beneficial to you. As it is a free scan version, it offers limited functionality free of cost. Below is the list of functions that you can perform using free scan version.
  • It helps you manage your PC Startup free of cost for lifetime.
  • It lets you shred any number of files permanently with 1 and 3 overwrite pass from your computer.
  • It lets you safely uninstall any number of programs from your PC.
  • It provides you vital information regarding your PC hardware and software on your PC.
  • On the other hand, when you have purchased PC Optimizer Pro, it will allow you to use the fully functional version of PC Optimizer Pro.
The latest version of PC Optimizer Pro supports the following OSes:
1. Windows 8 (32 bit and 64 bit)
2. Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
3. Windows Vista (32 bit and 64 bit)
4. Windows XP
5. Windows 2000
6. Windows 98, NT
Yes, since we offer Lifetime Free updates and you have a valid subscription, you are entitled to all updates and version upgrades of the program you hold a license for.
If you want to reinstall the software, follow the steps given below:
1. Close PC Optimizer Pro if it is running on your system, even from the system tray.
2. Uninstall PC Optimizer Pro.
3. Click on the link below to download the new version.
(If this hyperlink does not work, copy paste this link in your browser address bar and press Enter)
4. Install the new downloaded version.
If you need further help in this regard, feel free to contact our Technical Support.
No, there are no known conflicts between PC Optimizerpro and other applications.
PC Optimizer Pro is a product by renowned company named Xportsoft Technologies that has millions of happy customers around the globe.
Besides, the software has been tested and reviewed by various companies that ensures you get the best virus protected software and that too without any conflicts with other software
Below are the steps to uninstall the software completely:
1. Be sure that PC Optimizer Pro is not running, not even in the system tray
2. Go to Control Panel.
3. Go to Add/Remove Programs.
4. Remove PC Optimizer Pro.
If you have your License details then follow the steps given below
1 Run PC Optimizer Pro.
2 Click on Get Full Version link in the top right corner.
3 Enter your Email ID and License Key in their respective text boxes.
4 Click the Unlock button.
On purchase, an email is sent to you containing your license information. It is sent to the email address inputted at the time of purchase. Please retain this email for future reference If you have misplaced the information, Click Here to obtain it again
Yes, you need to install the software again in case you reinstall Windows. The same license key will work again when you register the software again on the same computer.
Yes, you can access our help file by clicking on the help link in the bottom left corner of the software GUI. You can also print pages of our help file by selecting the page you want and clicking the Print button on the tool bar.

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In order for the Support Team to resend your Registration Informations, we require your Email Address which you used at the time of purchase.